Union FS - Crystal Palace (H)
Monday 18th March 2017

We continue to defy the pundits and naysayers after the appointment of Claude Puel. This tifo is yet another representation of Leicester City fans providing the best possible platform for our players to perform to the levels we have come to love. 

A huge thank you goes to Hughes Electrical for allowing us to cmplte this tifo with the use of their warehouse. 

There are many other activities the group are engaged in to try and improve the fan experience at Leicester City. We run an 'Away Sections' initiative where fans who want to make a noise can group together. 

To put on tifos like this we need donations from LCFC fans. If you enjoy our work and would like to support us you can donate using the details below 
- PayPal – ufsdonations@gmail.com (by selecting the ‘transferring to family and friends’ option)
- Bank Transfer – e-mail ufsdonations@gmail.com for details
- By credit or debit card (using the donate now button at the foot of our homepage – www.unionfs.co.uk)

See how we put your money to use — watch our video review of the Sevilla tifo below.

Thank you for your continued support.

Union FS