Since the summer of 2013 where it started as a group of eight lads intent on improving the atmosphere and bettering conditions for Leicester City fans, Union FS has been growing and growing.

Our presence in the stadium - in SK1 - gets bigger by the week. But we need more. More of you to sing your hearts out for 90 minutes every week regardless of the score.

Union FS as a group can achieve nothing without support. We know that. Whether it is making flags, lobbying for cheaper ticket prices, designing and implementing fan choreography, we need you.

So if you want to join us and make a difference, please read the below PDFs and contact us using the form below or by e-mailing

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Union FS meet prior to every home game in the The Criterion pub in Leicester, just off Oxford Street.

Millstone Ln, Leicester LE1 5JN

Alternatively, you can find us in SK1!