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Back to it...

We're feeling the buzz again as the football season rolls around once more - and with Cov the opening game there's added reason to feel up for it...

Let's make it a rocking atmosphere first game. We'll be doing our bit in the section to make the place a cauldron from the off.

The club might have dropped last season, but UFS are as eager as we've ever been to inject noise and colour into Leicester City matches.

TIFO Fundraiser

Over the summer we put out a call for donations to fund tifos for the upcoming campaign. We had a terrific response from fanbase who gave £2,300 to help put on these displays which mark the club out in English football. Production of the first for the new season begins this weekend...

Ten Years Union FS

It is also a milestone season for the group, as we close in on our 10 year anniversary. At the end of the 2012/13 season, and the crushing disappointment of the Watford playoff defeat, our 8 founding members decided to take action to help shape the future of the club’s support.

We have had significant highs and lows over the last decade, made friendships for life and followed our club across land and sea. 10 years of graft on tifos, going from a group of 50 at the back of the stand to the current 700 strong section in SK1, and charity work in our City. This is testament to the hard work and dedication of our members over our maiden decade.

As we get closer to the anniversary in December, we’re looking forward to celebrating in appropriate style…​


Lastly, we've got a few suppporter-designed items on sale, including our popular bucket hats.

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