Safe Standing - Statement
Thursday 21st September 2017

On the 25th June Union FS put out a survey asking LCFC fans for their views on the issue of Safe Standing. We chose this time to survey the fanbase because of the recent media spotlight on the issue.

In the past, LCFC have appeared not to take a firm stance on the matter when the issue has been raised at FCC and 'Your 90 minutes' meetings.

The survey was completed by over 1200 Leicester City fans, with over 87% agreeing that the option to sit or stand would be a sensible idea. 

Results of the survey were taken to local MPs with positive response, with multiple local councillors and an MP happy to attend meetings with Union FS and LCFC to discuss the matter further. 

A 14 page document on the findings of the survey was submitted to the club on the 15th August. Additionally, a request for a meeting in which these findings could be discussed went to various LCFC staff from those in direct contact with supporters to senior members of staff.

The requests were not met by LCFC. 

It is the group's firm belief that Safe Standing would vastly improve the match-going experience of all fans whether they be seated or standing. Our survey results appear to show many of the club's supporters agree with us in this regard. A huge majority of those surveyed were in support of safe standing at Filbert Way. 

We feel that LCFC are letting down their supporters by ignoring the 1200+ respondents that participated in our survey. We would urge LCFC to be open and honest about their opinion on the matter, and to engage with fans and independent campaigners about a matter which simply cannot be swept under the rug. 

Up the City
Union FS