Union FS Statement - Seville (H) Review 
Wednesday 15th March 2017

It’s difficult to put into words how special last night was. Knockout wins in European competition do not come round very often for us (the last one was in 1961, if you’re counting), and as fans we generated an atmosphere befitting the occasion. Today we can feel immensely proud of our club.

Thank you to everyone who assisted in creating, donated to and took part in our South Stand choreography of Craig Shakespeare yesterday. Every tifo is designed in order to give the players and fans a final boost pre-match. It may be a happy coincidence, but some of you have noticed that we’ve never lost when we’ve put on a display... So, not wanting to take any chances, we would like to arrange something for the quarter final — but with only four weeks to go until the first leg, we need to get this in motion sharpish.

We would be very grateful for any donation of any size so that we can put on a display worthy of a Champions League Quarter Final. As always, without your generous contributions we cannot put on these displays, so thank you in advance.

Donations can be made by:

- PayPal – ufsdonations@gmail.com (by selecting the ‘transferring to family and friends’ option)
- Bank Transfer – e-mail ufsdonations@gmail.com for details
- By credit or debit card (using the donate now button at the foot of our homepage – www.unionfs.co.uk)

See how we put your money to use — watch our video review of the Sevilla tifo below.

Thank you for your continued support.

Union FS