Stand Up If You Love Leicester
Friday 23rd June 2017
With the news coming out this week that the Premier League have written to all 20 clubs gauging their feelings towards the introduction of 'Safe Standing' areas into stadiums. The League is keen to find out whether clubs would be willing to pilot 'Safe Standing' sections.

We believe this is the perfect time for us as a fanbase to contact the club urging them to complete the leagues questionnaire and become one of the torchbearers of bringing 'safe standing' to the league. Safe Standing areas around Europe are noted for the impressive noise they generate.

Leicester need only look just North of the border to see what a roaring success safe standing via rail-seating has been at Celtic's 'Celtic Park'. To ensure our club moves forward as one of the torchbearers, we the fans need to express these views to the club formally in writing. 

We would encourage anyone who would be interested in seeing rail seating at Filbert way to get in touch with the club directly via to express your thoughts


Union FS