10 Years Union FS

At the Plymouth home match we celebrated 10 Years of the group’s existence in a special day for everyone associated with Union FS.

Members who have been part of the group for the entire decade since its founding stood alongside those who joined only months ago. Lads who live locally met up with friends from overseas.

All packed out our usual pub before heading off to the ground to mark the occasion with our 10 Years display, and sang up proudly for the team and group as City banged in four against Plymouth.

We closed off the day in town with pint (or shot) in hand looking back on a slideshow of our achievements and memorable moments from 2013 to 2023. Here’s a few of them:


Before the home fixture vs Watford, the group pulled off its 17th full-stand tifo.

“Meet me at The Clock Tower” the message written on the banner, with the famous tower depicted in the stand behind.

It was unusual in that the design had no direct connection to football. The display was instead a nod to an iconic landmark of the city and what it represents – the centre of Leicester, and the activity and community that exists around it.

We hope it spoke to any fan who feels a sense of 'home' in this city.

More recently, the group carried out its third full-stand display of the season - The Ace Of Clubs - a play on both the playing card suit and the football club itself, inspired by a bit of retro fan art.


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